Fashion Look Book/High street and Online

Hello, sorry this is a bit late but been working on other projects and also been working on videos, and if you would like check out my recent Youtube videos then please click on his link here:


So in this lookbook I am sharing some other outfits I love to wear, and I do love to shop in high street, but I am going to do at some point, designer stores I have wanted to shop in and do a haul at some point.

I am a high street girl and a regular online shopper. The high street it is Primark, Marks and Spencers, New look and TK Maxx, and then there was Debenhams, Wallis and Dorothy Perkins.

I do go for comfortability but also style and longevity. I like to buy clothes that is more or less going to last me a lifetime.

So this first outfit is what I have part of today, as I write this post and it is a Be Kind Grey jumper which I have a black one of, and wear this for bed sometimes aswell as a day item, and I love these jumpers and teamed it up with my everyday item, leggins.

These jumpers do wash well, shrunk a bit but not too much and lovely to wear. These were from Amazon and they do have a wide selection of jumpers aswell as TU at Sainsbury’s as I have a black jumper from their that I loved to wear too.

I find that these are even good when on holiday and you can tie around you waste for when it can get chilly in the evenings.

Then I wore a jumper dress which was from Amazon and very comfy, but I did have to wear it with a vest top underneath as it does show off your cleavage and this is with a pair of leggins or you can wear it with tights, which I did aswell. Not a summer item but I don’t mind as I can still wear this for future winters and is an item that I can keep foreveer and will never go out of fashion.

In the picture of me (a selfie) I have it on with a hair band which was also from Amazon and they do a lot of hairbands and I love them. Hairbands can be a really good piece to add and again they will always be in fashion.

Then there is this outfit I wore. The Jeans you see, I bought last year and was the first time wearing them and again have these on today. I do like to have a pair of jeans in my wardrobe and these black ones fit perfectly and bizzarely being petite, don’t need to take them up, like I have had to do in the passed and they fit really nicely and can be dressed up or down, but a really comfortable pair of jeans, for less that £20.

They were from Primark, and I teamed these with a top from Primark, which is another favourite and was only about £8, and I do like Primark, but tend to shop there once or twice a year, but I love this top. It is a bit big for me now as I have lost weight but I can always tuck it in and I think I am going to go through my belts I have and use one, or buy one, to add.

For me I go for style, versitility and colours, and being able to mix and match.

Fashion should never be hardwork, but something you can have fun with and enjoy.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Saturday Morning Post/Good Documentary/Youtube videos

So yes it is pretty late for this post, but I am determined to still write it and today it has been interesting, but I have not allowed those who tried to ruin my day, let them, and had a good Saturday.

This week I have been watching some documentaries on Youtube and watch one about Kylie Minogue, and it was a film made after her year or so, with Breast Cancer and was her new tour after she had recovered, and is a really nice one to watch and shows how not allowing events or illnesses like that stop you, doing what you love.

Here the video of that documentary below:

Being an 80’s kid, I grew up with Kylie and even saw her in concert myself at the Wembley Arena and even had the episode when she played Charlene in Neighbours, marrying Jason Donovan’s charactor, Scott.

Even writing that it seems like a totally different life time. I love watching these types of doumentaries as I do find them uplifting and it just a change from watching the usual Youtube videos that I love to watch.

There are quite a lot, so just put in documentaries in the search bar and you will be surprised with what you will find.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Meal Ideas Post/A Typical What I like to eat on a Sunday

Hello and welcome! So each week I like to write a Meal Ideas blogpost, about the meals I like to eat as I am very much a homely girl and love the old favourites and just keep it simple.

For me I don’t see that comfort food is an issue and you should enjoy what you eat, not just have it because its on your plate.

So Here is a video I put together of the food I like to eat on a Typical day and this was on Sunday when I will often have Sunday Roast if one is being cooked, with some other bits and bobs.

I had a week where I didn’t spend that much again on food and got bits and bobs. If there is food in the cupboards then I will use those items to eat first and I do know how to cook a Roast dinner myself, and looking forward to cooking one again, once I move.

I love a biscuit, a packet of crisps and some chocolate. Since not having a lunch all the time I have managed to lose weight and do feel good for it, and I think it is because I don’t put pressure on myself now when it comes to food.

There is no guilt anymore and I am so comfortable with what I eat and the having the meals I love is what I do now. I love a slice of toast in the evening if I have an early lunch/dinner as I won’t have another meal, and often will have a midnight snack and it helps me stop being hungry during the night and means I can spend extra time in bed if i want.

I do have a couple of Grocery hauls to share in the next one with more food I eat and will be doing these sorts of videos and posts on a regular basis.

My food shopping budget at the moment as it is mainly just me I buy for, but have snacks should I be with my son is £20 a week, and I am so looking forward again to having family meals again. Yes that is drawing closer as we speak once I have my own place again and a family meal is what helps my son make sure he eats his dinner or sometimes a lunch, but often he won’t always be hungry enough, but make sure he has substantial food, that can keep him going if he wants a bigger dinner if not a proper lunch.

With kids I have learned that often you just have to be flexible and go with them on what they want and allowing them to choose is helpful so no wasted food is a habit but eat with smiley faces.

So many thanks for watching and see you in the next one.

Carrie L.M X

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Shopping Ideas/Good Ideas For Easter Baskets

Hello and welcome! So this is my Weekly Shopping ideas and if you are wanting to buy some bits for Easter, then here is some Good Ideas for Easter basket ideas for kids, adult friends and other members of your family.

Premium Vector | Bunny sitting in a basket with easter eggs and willow  branches

So first of all, making your own chocolates. These are so easy to do, and if I get a chance I will demonstrate how I make my own chocolates and Easter eggs as all you need is

  • Chocolate milk or dark, usually the 75% cocoa chocolate
  • Moulds
  • Wooden spoon
  • Glass mixing bowl
  • Saucepan of boiling water
  • Mini Gift Food bags with personalised sticker to seal the bags or ribbon.

Check out Etsy for ideas or to buy:

Girls Rose Gold Pre Filled Pamper Party Bags / Wedding image 0

All you do is;

  • Melt the chocolate in the Glass mixing bowl on top of your saucepan with water, not touching the bowl. You can even add some butter or Golden Syrup too to make the chocolate even richer and to use it to also make Rice Krispie or Cornflakes cakes to add to the basket
  • Get your moulds and fill each mould with #chocolate.
  • And here is a Hack: Put the moulds onto a tray underneath and pour the chocolate in each one of the moulds, and then put in the fridge or even as I have done before in the Freezer and then they will last longer and then melt some more chocolate to act as glue to seal them if they are an easter egg mould or edible baking glue
  • Put in bags, and a really good touch is to add a little message in each one.

Poundland do some really good decor and gifts for Easter too and check out Wish and Amazon as you could do a personalised box of chocolates if you didn’t want to make a basket. Add a Jar of Cocoa Powder, with some marshmellows and put “Just add milk and cream”.

5 Ingredient Wholesome Homemade Easter Eggs Just 81 Calories

What else you can do is get some old childhood favourite chocolate and sweets into a jar to add to a gift basket with Easter masks, colour papers of Easter images or if you are going to have an Easter get together as hopefully lockdown may end then, have your own Pick ‘n’ Mix table.

Why not add a book about Easter and a Easter Holiday Film. You make it as fun as possible and enjoy it. I think with Lockdown we could all do with a treat and be able to spend time with all the people we love again.

Many thanks for reading

Carrie L.M X

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Saturday Morning post/Pinterest and New Youtube Channels I have been watching

Hello, so yes I am late again with this post again, but that is because I have spent the morning filming some new videos for my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg

There are a few new Get Ready with me ones done if you like those, and I have been researching to add to my Pinterest and to brainstorm.

I have on my Pinterest created more boards.

Please check out my Pinterest below:

The new Youtube channels I have found are within my likes playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=LL

The Wads,

Sophie Shohet

Gary Barlow Official and I am loving his videos where he sings with many actors and artists. Do check them out.

Abby Blyth

So go over to their channels, I love them because they are very real and so great to watch, and it is nice to see how others live and are relatable.

I would like to watch a bit of TV today if I get a chance and still got my Weekend chat video to film. I am trying to fit in a bit of reading too as I at least want to finish one book I am currently on so read a bit today, so I think I am going to see if I can read a bit everyday, to help me.

When I do I will do a review so keep a look out for this and if you have any books you’d like to recommend to me that I may not have in my stash let me know. I am always looking for recommendations.

I have done a few unboxing videos where I have bought some new books for this year, this is due to go live tomorrow, so see link above to watch these too, along with my weekly chat videos and Life coaching and Child Safety.

So that is it, and thank you for your time and see you soon.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Fashion Look Book/My Everyday Fashion

Hello and welcome! So it is time for a new Fashion Look Book post talking about My Everyday Fashion.

So the first item is a top. I do like dresses, but I love a top which is patterned, as I don’t do plain and leggings most of the time. Yet I always make sure I have at least one pair of Bootcut Black Trousers to, and Jeggings.

YOINS Women Long Sleeve V Neck Shirts Plaid Casual Tops Check Classical Blouses for Ladies

This top from Amazon at around £20 has been on my mind for a while because of the colours the checked pattern and how it fits. I think that this is a valuable item to have in your wardrobe, and will last for many Autumn and Winter Seasons and have selected as a new piece for this year, because of the casual effect it has and looks comfortable aswell as stylish.

find. Women’s Boots in Chelsea Style with Block Heel, Rot (BURGENDY), 4 UK

I love a Boot, especially Ankle Boots and this one caught my eye instantly on Amazon, and my size (5) have gone and only a few sizes left. I love this colour and would be a great matching Boot to go with the top I shared, and the one below. This Boot comes in a White Colour but this one, in Mauroon colour is the one that stands out for me.

Asvivid Women Casual Round Neck Long Sleeve Blouse Shirts Tops Star Printed Pullover Sweatshirt

Now this top instantly caught my eye and is covered in a beautiful stars and is in my size and there are many different patterns and styles of this top available. Definitly a piece for the Autumn, Winter and Spring for those evenings where it can be warm during the day but chilly still in the evening. This to is around £18.99.

The White Boot of the one above would be a good item that would be a perfect match for this top.

Sponsored Ad – Roman Originals Women Jeggings Denim Jean Legging - Ladies Stretch Cotton Trouser Smart Casual Thick High R...

A pair of Jeggings would be a good item to have and when I had a pair I lived in them like Leggings and want to add a pair to my wardrobe this year aswell as they last for a long time, and are great for all seasons and would look good with the two tops I have shared along with the Boots I have included. These Jeggings are £25 and still available and great piece to wear everyday.

Now I checked on Amazon, shoes from one of my favourite stores, Dune, and when I worked in Kingston I would always go to this store in Bentalls and would treat myself.

MARCO TOZZI Women's 2-2-23744-26 Damen Sneaker

I have selected these. I have also added a pair of Boots to my shop from Dune too, but these are a “Carrie”, yes me, Trainer and because of the glitz on this trainer definitely is a must and the colour is perfect with the tops I have selected and the Jeggings I have chosen. WHAT AN OUTFIT!

find. Casual Ankle Leather Boots, Women's Boots

Now you have these Boots. I have a pair like this in my collection and I have had them for ages. I haven’t worn them a lot, but I have done and I love them. It is great to upscale an outfit and can be an Everyday Boot. These are from Dune and priced a about £27, oh and the trainers above are around £54.

MARCO TOZZI Women's 2-2-26295-25 Schnürboot Snow Boot

Now when I saw these as I scrolled down on my Laptop, I was like Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver in Bridget Jones “Hello Mummy”. Yes these Boots called to me and if they were a person they would be swarve and suffiticated. These Boots I could not miss selecting, to buy and my word they are gorgeous.

Will they have a place in my closet?


Oh boy, I love this world sometimes, I really do.

So that is it and my Look Book for this week but there will be more to come.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Shopping Ideas/Sales You Just Can’t Miss

Hello and welcome! It is Monday once again and this weeks Shopping ideas. First off, if you would like to see my new Tea and Biscuits video I did yesterday then click here: Tea and Biscuits Sunday Afternoon post/COVID/Brexit/Lockdown

So to kick off this Shopping ideas blog, Sales you just can’t miss, Debenhams have a Closing Down Sale and I am going to take full advantage and includes Fashion and beauty products from what I have seen so far and I am so going to miss Debenhams because it was always my Sunday go to store and so Bye Debenhams but I am going to make a final purchase before it ends, and will show you once these items are bought and arrive of what they are like.


Maine New England - Peach Lurex Trim Hoodie

These types of tops are great because they can be worn throughout the year, brighten up your casual wardrobe, and be feminine at the same time.

bluezoo - Girls' Pink Hiker Boots

Check these out. These are girls fury Pink boots and gorgeous. They are selling fast so get in quick if you are going to check these out.

Grey Animal Jacquard Leggings

See these. Rock chick Galore. I love these and as a leggings girls these are right up my alley.

What can one say, just ha “I love fashion”.

Natural Patchwork Stitch Jumper

Boohoo.com The often have sales and there is a 20% off sale on everything.

Newlook 25% Off Everything

So I will post more on Sales next week, but for now have a good week ahead and see you soon.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Saturday Morning Post/How I spend my Saturdays

Hello, here is my new week Saturday Morning post and I don’t want to tempt fate, but I am well, I think moving today and see my life changing and I cannot wait. Not going to say too much as I do not want to jink it either , but yes it could well and truly be moving day and I even prayed just now hoping it will be. I love my home town London and going back home into London has been something I have been wanting for a long while.

Image result for free images of people relaxing and chatting

Plus I get to be with my new love and that gives me such a hug and cannot wait for my life to change.

So Saturday’s, they are to me a day of extra rest and taking it extra easy. Its days like these where I don’t want to be rushed or pestered just left alone to enjoy my first day of the weekend and be with myself and spending time sometimes talking with friends or my new love.

Now I love watching youtube and creating content too, so if you have not visited my Youtube channel as of yet, then please click here to access it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg

And thank you to those who have followed me on my channel, other sites and other blogs, it really means a lot.

Image result for free clipart image saying thank you

So my favourite meal for a Saturday is often a takeaway same as Friday’s but where I do something a bit different compared to during the week and I think I am going to see if I can treat myself to a pizza today, with some Garlic bread and a can of coke, but we shall see how the day evolves as I just am ready to be in my new home and have a place I can call my own again.

I am also going to film my Try on video today and will do this once I have had my coffee and I do have another few items to unbox so willl film this too.

I may be working at a holiday camp again soon, the one I used to go to as a kid in Clacton as I loved it there, but does depend on Lockdown, and if I do I will let you know and come down and visit. It is a lovely holiday camp and was my favourite part of my childhood in the summer and will always love it there so hope that happens and yes a holiday abroad too.

Image result for picture of St Oysths in clacton

So am I ready for Lockdown to be removed?

Yes, absolutley, it is being able to go to a theatre again and I am desperate to go to a musical festival again and go to a football match. I love having things at the weekend especially to look forward to not every weekend as said because to me they are a day of rest and recuperation, and going to the cinema, I mean who does not want that?

So I hope you to have a relaxing weekend and see you in the next blog.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Fashion Look Book/New at Amazon/My Staple pieces

Hello and many thanks for visiting my site today. Each week I like to do a Fashion look book and have been looking on one of my favourite sites, Amazon to find some new pieces I want to add to my collection for this year.

I do have many staple pieces and here are my choices for this weeks post.

Footwear: Ladies Faux Fur Grip Sole Winter Warm Ankle Womens.

There are many colours and have added this to my list of items to buy. I love these style of Boots being a leggings girl, and good for long walks and keeping you feet toastie and warm.

I am also looking for some new pairs of leggings as I have a few which have holes in. I will at some point sow these up, but always like to have plenty of pairs.

You can get packs of leggings for a really good price and found these where you can buy a pack of three. In black, navy blue or grey.

Then there are jumper, Sweatshirts and t-shirts. I love a jumper or Sweatshirt which has diamonties or pearls and chosen this sweatshirt. I love these oversize types and I have bought a new T-Shirt today which will be in a unboxing video or haul, and eve the smallest of images and pictures can make a different to a white or black top.

Blooming Jelly Women's Chunky Sweater Crewneck Sweatshirt Knit Lantern Sleeve Oversized Pullover Sweater with Pearls

Here is an example of the type of T-Shirts you can get at Amazon and for reasonable prices.

They do packs of T-Shirt and these are great to wear when layering up when it is cold, but I like a T-Shirt with a logo or is different to the normal T-Shirts there are, however these are an option if you do stripes and plane Tees.

Blooming Jelly Womens Rainbow T Shirt Round Neck Short Sleeve Summer Tops Cute Graphic Tees

I like these types and is one I have selected as I like statement items and would like to work with an Amazon fashion store threw Amazon as I would like to create my own T-Shirts with some inspiration logos and styles for curvy women like myself.

It is all about adding to your wardrobe and making it interesting and for your own personal style.

So do check Amazon as I love buying from this site as there is so many things you can purchase for real good prices.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Meal Ideas/My love for a Curry

Hello and welcome! Today it is another Weekly Meal ideas blog talking about my love for a curry. I used to have Curry Sunday’s where I wouldn’t have a roast dinner but have a curry instead. Having themes for your weekly meal planner is the great way to keep meal times interesting for kids and can help make the most of the food you have in your cupboards, fridge and freezer.

Please see my Grocery Haul video for this week:

Add to what you have and a weekly budget when it comes to groceries than monthly.

So I still have some money left from this weeks shop and so got some curry sauce left and so will use this tomorrow to get a few more bits. I didn’t want to get too much as I am due to move out soon, and so limiting what I buy as I will be hopefully moving more into central London and go back home.

So a curry is what I have most weeks and so bought two chicken fillets, a jar of Chicken Tikka Sauce and microwave rice and haven’t used all of the sauce and was able to divide the rice for two meals this week and the sauce has lasted me three meals.

Today I had a winter favourite, Chicken Curry, Rice and chips. Now I do prefer chunkier chips, so will buy bigger size chips, but it was what already was there and I have a preference of the type of chips I like to buy so will add these along with some more chicken and may pick up some vegetables to add to it as I have often done this too, as I only spent £8.74 and my budget for this week was £20 even though I like to if I can keep it under £10 or just over.

I also bought some snacks and will need to replenish these too, but still won’t need that much.

So my top tips when it comes to Meal Ideas:

  • Check items online that you need once you have checked to see what you already have stored that can be used for meals in the week
  • Keep cleaning items and pharmacy separate from your Grocery budget
  • Have a meal plan each week and have a calendar that you can put in meal ideas if you have a big family
  • Have food that can spread out through the week and even the week after depending on the best before or use by dates

Good theme ideas:

  • Curry night or weekend
  • Meat free meals
  • Burger feast and teach your kids on how to make a homemade burger
  • Buffet night
  • Movie night
  • Friday Takeaway night

They are just a few. Just get the most out of your food and love it.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Shopping Ideas Post/Seasonal Living

Hello and welcome! So first of all I have filmed a new Get Ready with me video, so check this out: Get Ready with me, no contouring and using a new concealor.

Plus an Unboxing Video: Unboxing items from Amazon and Wish.

I have created another video about Gifts I like to receive and how I save money.

In this blog post I am talking about Seasonal Living as I don’t eat or buy the same items when it comes to Winter and Summer. I like to layer up for Winter and have comfort food more during Winter, like a cup of tea and biscuits, a curry and stews, and so miss having a slow cooker as I think this is must when it comes to kitchen appliances and great for winter food.

Image result for free clipart images of a person using a slower cooker

I also love and will be buying some cuppa soups as when it is snowing and bitterly cold that is a luxury item for me and a change from a roll or sandwich. I love making the food I buy go a long way so I can get plenty of meals out of and not having to pop to the shops again in the week if I can help it.

I have filmed another grocery haul which will be in my meal ideas blog post this week. I try to not to shop for the sake of it, but keep a wish list of items I would like to buy at some point.

Image result for free clipart images of a person using someone writing a shopping list

It is good to have wish lists aswell as must haves. Wish lists are good because you can send them to friends and family when it comes to kids or your birthday, rather than items that you don’t really want, and helps the gift buyer more, than when you don’t.

I get mind boggled of what to buy my youngest niece for example because she has many clothes and toys that are handmedowns from her two sisters. So a wish list is just a heads up of ideas to help you buy the gift they want and with kids they don’t mind if it is the same as another toy, they just like to receive it and know you love them with a cuddle and kiss to. Those are the gifts that are endless and can’t be returned.

When it comes to fashion I love plenty of sweaters and jumpers, and a good scarve and if you check out some of my outfits in my Weekly Fashion Look books. you will see that I treat myself to a new scarf each year and is a staple item.

Image result for free clipart images of a person using someone showing some winter clothes

I also love Hot chocolate and so far the Marks and Spencer box of chocolate sachets seem to be the best one…and great as a winter warmer for the hands, and I am dying to find a Ginger Whiskey as when I was given a shot of one it was lovely and did warm me up a treat.

Winter food is anything that is a hug on a plate and clothes are a tight cuddle even if there is no one there to cuddle you on winter days, and feel comfortable and at peace.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Tea and Biscuits Sunday Afternoon post- What I learned living on a Peabody Estate

Hello and welcome! Here is my new Tea and Biscuits Sunday afternoon post. In this video I am talking about What I learned living on a Peabody Estate, as I was always working on the yearly fetes held and spend time with many kids who would lool after their sibblings and would help them, and in some way has made me grounded.

See Video below:

Being a Peabody kid you had to learn to stand your ground as there were kids who’d disrupt your fun and demolish it, and I was very protective of my estate and would send them packing.

Living in such a place can be a world of its own and a close community. With a mixture of people it could often be a rough place to live but do have some good memories and I am a girl who will never forget her routes.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Saturday Weekly Post

So I usually do a Saturday Morning post but been doing other bits like uploading more videos, and added a New Unboxing video, showing more bits I bought from Amazon and Wish. Clear here to watch Unboxing Weekly Video.

I have filmed a Grocery Haul for this weeks Meal ideas post, and possibly my Shopping ideas posts I write. See my last Grocery haul by click here.

You can see all my Shopping Ideas and Meal ideas post here:

Shopping ideas

Meal Ideas

I love my Saturdays and popped out into my local park and watching the world go by and I find doing these types of things fulfilling. I am creating some Life Coaching videos for a programme called “Project 2021” and so if you would like to view these then here is a link to a playlist of all my videos for this programme that I have done so far.

I add this to my network site: https://carriesblognetwork.squarespace.com

Plus I have linked them to my Pinterest page:

I have added some quotes on this board to, to help you have a better wellbeing you can print off and use. I find adding these to a Vision Board is great too. I find putting it on Pinterest I can look at it anywhere.

I have also created a Playlist of my Life Coaching videos too, see below:

My life coaching playlist videos

Having days where I can focus on one side of my work is how I keep on track and don’t lose myself of what I need to do now and next. I live in a Notebook which I did a video on also, and I will even log some days of what I do each day in my notebook too.

Check out video: Google Blogspot Blog site: Organize4thebetter

Weekends for me spells some a day for a Takeaway or comfort food even if I don’t have these during the week and I have filmed a What I like to eat some days video on my camera and so will be uploading this at some point and will be reviewing a product I have been using from Amazon as I am filming a Day in a life and more of these videos to come too.

So have a brilliant Saturday and will be back with a Saturday post next week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X


Weekly Fashion Look Book/A Black Dress with a different look

Hello and welcome! So it is another Weekly Fashion Look Book and this week I wore a black dress I bought from Very, and put it with different items to look not just like a dress but as a skirt too.

However I have done something different this week and created a video of my different looks with one dress for this weeks Fashion Look book blog post, and will be a new weekly video as putting this together has been great. It gives me a purpose for me as I love watching fashion videos and making my own too.

I like clothes that can be styled differently and not look the same as I feel bored when I do, so finding pieces of clothing that can make an outfit look tailored even if it is a casual piece can help lift your mood and how you feel about yourself.

You should wear the clothes, not clothes that wear you. It is finding your own style and what makes you feel comfortable but can look in the mirror occasionally, and feel happy.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Meal Ideas Post/Grocery haul video/Classical Childhood Favourites

Hi so this is a New Meal ideas blog post for this week and I have done another Grocery haul and as you can see it wasn’t a lot. I had a voucher to use at Sainsbury’s and so used that to pick up some bits and found some of my classic childhood favourite bits aswell as a couple of Ready meals.

I am a great lover of Classic Brands from my childhood and so picked up a packet of Chipsticks crisps and loved these as a kid, with a some Nesiquk. I wanted Strawberry flavour but was sold out so, settled for Banana Flavour instead.

The one Kitchen essential ware I miss is my Slow cooker and lived by this in Winter season and great for stews, caseroles, even curry’s and even spaghetti Bolognese.

There is a lady I love to watch on Youtube who always does Meal Ideas videos and are great, and that is Kerry Whelpdale.

I bought a packet of Pain eu chocolats which are great for a snack or breakfast, along with a packet of Sainsbury’s chocolate digestives and had about £1.70 left on the voucher I had as it was for £30, and so I bought a new top as I love their fashion, and a new Notebook and a set of pens.

I always divide stationary and cleaning items separately from Grocery shop and clothes and so was still within my budget.

The other thing I did was I had a no spend on food week and it was brilliant saved me some money doing that and would do this again.

I only really shop now in Sainsburys when I have a voucher, because I do find it pricer compared to Morrisons, Tescos and even some items in Marks and Spencers, so was a one off shop, but it is good to go into, now and again.

So shop wisely and when looking at special offers do the maths before selecting items on offers, as it can often be dearer and still get items cheaper if going for a different brand than normal.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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New Youtube Videos/Get Ready with me and Showing what’s in my Make up bag and current skincare I am using

So in this blog I am sharing some new Youtube videos I created and one is a Get Ready with me. Now this was supposed to have gone with one of the Days in a life video but decided to make it into a video of its own. See Below:

Now as you can see that I don’t put a lot of make up on but enough to give myself that change that helps me face myself in the mirror, but I am not a girl who wears make up everyday, and in fact I don’t always put cream on if I haven’t worn make up, but am going to as I have had a break out of dry skin.

Winter is always the season where my skin will become dry and so it is a must that I help to maintain it and so have a routine each day to help it.

I will show you my routine one day and I have shared a Whats in my Make up bag and my current skincare items I am using, see this video:

I do believe that you should let your skin breath and I do, but I do also live by the products I use on my skin and will tend to use the same brands, if their products work on my skin.

Use what works for you.

So I will be back with more blogs and videos to come, so see you then.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Shopping Ideas/Do’s and Don’t when Grocery shopping

Hello and welcome!So here we are the start to a New Week and I have here a new Shopping Ideas blog post, sharing the Do’s and Don’t when Grocery Shopping.

Shopping Trolley Royalty-Free Photos, Illustrations, and Vectors -  Storyblocks

The Don’ts

  • Shop in the Afternoon around lunchtime as I find that this the busiest time, go in the morning before 12 noon or later after 3pm. I hate it when I have some impatient snotty nose person huffing because of those in front and then because your in front of them, give you the look of “Hurry up”
  • Go shopping on Friday or Saturday as these are supermarkets busiest days and stems from when I was a kid. Go Midweek, then you have more quieter supermarkets and miss the end of week rush hour and then in a queue when driving to get out of the Supermarket car park
  • Go in the supermarket without a plan. To not over spend be concious of the amount you have to spend whatever your budget is but not without knowing what you need, and put your list on your phone. I would be a millionaire for the amount of times I have written a list and gone to the supermarket realising I forgot the list, and so makes that time I had writing the list to be a complete waste of time
  • Allow those who make shopping hardwork come with you. My ex- would make shopping be a military adventure, and I am a lady who loves to browse. I hate being rushed and when I do I want to say “Urm I will shop like I want to”. I hate rush shopping, as it just leads to a row
  • Don’t make it into a military issue either, because as the last one above I found that, that persons military style rubbed off on me and I like to take my time
  • Get carried away with Couponing. When I saw the footage of Extreme Couponing I got sucked in big time and wanted a stock pile, but I found that in a way they did always help save money, so be wise about using coupons. Do the maths and then you’ll see that you can buy some items still at a cheaper price but without coupons
  • Don’t double scan and try the scan and go method. I have once again had the Nectar card thief take that scan and shop away from me, but if you do have yours this method can save time but be aware once you use the device to scan your items, you don’t need to rescan the items. You just point the handheld scanner to the barcode on the self help tills and then you just pay and go, and the other thing is you can prepack the food you buy
  • Never go shopping without knowing what you already have in your fridge, freezer or cupboards. Shop by what you can include, do a meal plan and any items you use a lot and has a long sell buy date you buy in bulk. I do this when it comes to hot chocolate sachets and going to do the same with Earl Grey Tea Bags
  • See if items in store before checking the internet. It should be the other way around. Check the internet first as buying online can be cheaper and you can buy some items in bulk like toilet roll, coffee and even cleaning sprays, from Amazon, in bulk
  • Never pick up fridge item products without checking when they have to be used by so you can take note of this and you pack items in the fridge with the later use by date food in the fridge first and then make sure the items with the closer use by date is the item you see first
  • Have a no no spend week. I did not spend a note last week on Shopping and it made a huge difference and made me use up all of what I had before I bought other items, and it was a real fresh start
  • Never go without listing your staple items, not just talking fashion, but food too. Like I always have to have a box of Earl Grey Teabags, Hot Chocolate Sachets, alternative snacks that I like to have and are there if I need to refresh my sweet tooth, but of course in moderation.
Man Inside Shopping Cart Holding Bags Vector Cartoon Clipart -  FriendlyStock | Cartoon clip art, Bag illustration, Shopping clipart


  • Going shopping with your kids and get them involved and have them have a list, so they can help have a happy shop and pick up bits too
  • Have a reusable bag. So handy and I always buy the lifelong bags or a tote bag
  • Do a list and do check the Supermarket to see if they have a clearance shelf
  • See if they have a magazine that can show you their weekly or monthly offers of items that you need on your list if it is included
  • Take a calculator if you don’t want to use a pre-scanner device some supermarkets have now so you can keep track of your shop, and have an idea of how much each item will cost and I even budget on how much I am willing to spend on each item I need. Example buying Teabags in Marks and Spencers is cheaper then Twinnings and other stores
  • See if stores are doing any bundle offers, as some are now and can be worth it
  • Pick up the stores on the go magazines and like Boots if you have a Boots Card the magazine they sell you get for nothing, and will often have coupons inside, but again as in the don’ts, do your maths
  • Have a store card that builds up points in stores you regularly buy from as this can help and save you a lot of money
  • Use store cards only if you pay off in full and can collect points from each purchase you and spread the cost
  • Have a list of every shop items separate from items you buy now and then
  • Be frugal with looking on shelves and don’t always go for items on eye level shelves
  • Use shops like Poundland regularly too and if you shop online always check on Voucher.co.uk as they often will have special deals and offer codes on for some shops
  • Watch Youtube as some Youtubers will often give out coupon code too aswell as on Facebook and Tik Tok
  • Feel your tummy before you shop, as shopping when Hungry can make you go overboard even though you still took a list

So I hope that helps you with your shop and see you in the next shopping ideas blog next week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Saturday Post/Day In A Life Video and a typical weekend

Hello and welcome! Here is a new Day in A life video I have uploaded and gone live today on Youtube today; And it is a day I was very Sad but was still a Productive day;

I am filming today to do more Days in a life videos aswell as tomorrow Sunday, and my weekends are the two days where I take it easy but I still get things done. I see the weekend as my time to catch up and today I have been working on one of my books I am writing which is fiction and a comedy.

I also use it to clean and tidy and will be done tomorrow as Sundays are my Admin day and plan to get bits of food for my meal ideas post in the week and what I actually would like to have and need.

I have written a post on Organize4thebetter and my last one I said I allocate a day in the week which is usually Thursdays, but me being me put it off. Yes I know Naughty by hey ho am i going to be remembered of having A Cleaning day thursday? No! So gonna have Sunday as a cleaning day this week and see what happens.

Cleaning Stock Illustrations – 108,561 Cleaning Stock Illustrations,  Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

I do a Tea and Biscuits post at the weekend which will include a Youtube video, and that will be up tomorrow and I try not to write any blogs on Sunday and have a day of doing other bits and pieces and planning for the week ahead. So I will probably upload the video for this post and add it to a blog for Monday instead to write.

I have got a lot of things scheduled already to go live on Youtube, check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg

and on my Blog Network: https://www.carriesblognetwork.squarespace.com

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X


Weekly Fashion Look Book/Staple/Go to items

Hi So this is my Weekly fashion look book I like to share each week and I am showing how you can wear my everyday items Leggins, I live in these with four or five of my different tops and jumpers.

So the top and white cardigan you see in the biggest image are both from Primark. I love a good cardigan and always do a yearly shop in Primark to find some staple items, or Amazon.

The white top I have featured before, which I love love wearing and is one of my favourite items, and this is from Shein and so is the Scarf. I do invest a lot on scarfs each year and I wear them all the time and even in doors.

The black jumper which has sequins going across is another favourite and a go to item, and is from TU Sainsburys and the Red Sequined jumper/sweater is from TK Maxx.

I also love this outfit, and is with a grey cardigan bought from Very and this top is a lovely comfortable top, from TK Maxx.

I do find that often TK Maxx can be a mish mash of stuff and so you do have to rummage through the clothes racks, but is one of my go too stores.

This is a go to outfit, and I am loving my new Sparkly DM’s they are a best buy and really want to get another pair, they are a must have in my selection of boots and shoes, and I do invest in a good pair of boots and shoes, as these can last forever.

I love my new scarf from Shein, and will last forever and can go with many of my outfits I love to wear, and I go to piece all of the time.

These DM’s are from Shein, and I am totally in love with them.

I am not a lover of wearing all black but when I want to wack something on quick then I will. I do believe in adding colour into a wardrobe as it can make items that look ordinary stand out and look so different.

I also love investing in a good white colour jumper and have worn these for years, both my nans loves knitting and would make us jumpers every year and lovely to keep you nice and warm but still look smart and tailored with leggins and a good pair of winter boots.

So what are your go to items? I love clothes and putting outfits together and you’ll be surprised if you shop by your current wardrobe how you can reinvent it. I do a lot and how if you shop carefully how you can find items that will last for every decade and never go out of fashion.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Weekly Meal Ideas Post/What are my must go food

Hello and welcome! This is my Weekly Meal I deas Post and in this post I am sharing What are my must go food.

Well my food choices do change in the different seasons. Example in the Winter mornings when it super cold I will have a bowl of Porridge and my favourite one is with Golden Syrup. I will also have toast with chocolate spread.

I know everyone loves Nutella, but I always look to try other brands that won’t break the bank, and this one by Stockwell and Go is lovely, and I have it on my desk ready to use whenever I want it.

I am not really a lunch person but recently have gone on a Pasta frenzy, where I want a bowl of Pasta with Pesto sauce and I will have that around 3pm – 4pm, with a some grated cheese on top. It is my go to food and it is like a hug in a bowl and with my daily can of diet coke goes down nicely.

I have gotten into having a snack in the evening and this will often be a piece of toast with a packet of crisps or mini cheddars and always replennish my water in take.

I haven’t spent hardly anything at all this week on food and it is been good and next weeks post I am going to show what I eat in a day of my favourite go to meals.

Have a super weekend.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Day In A Life Videos/A Typical Weekend

Hello and Welcome! I hope you are having a good Friday so far, I bet you can’t wait until the working day is over so you an sit back have a beer and watch a bit of TV with a Friday Takeaway.

Well if you do want to watch a bit of Youtube then, check out my Two New Days in A life videos of a Typical Weekend in my life:

I do love my weekends and I have also filmed of food I like to eat for my Meal Ideas weekly post, I just hope it has come out, but we’ll soon see.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Weekly Shopping Ideas/Supplements and medication

So if you have not seen my New Sunday Afternoon Tea and Biscuits video then follow this link below:

Weekly Tea and Biscuits video Sunday 24th January 2021 Talking about Bereavement

In this Weeks Shopping Ideas post I am talking about how you can save money on medicines and supplements. I do take these not all of the time, but at the moment I am taking Iron Tablets, over the counter ones, and they are from Boots, and a good price under £2. If you are not sure what you can take as people’s bodies and needs are different then you still get medical advice.

Now often stores like Boots will give you a coupon towards medication, and your Boots card you scan is looked at and they will often give you a coupon depending on what you usually buy. This can include children’s medicines too, and medicated skincare products.

They will begin to bring these out as we approach Autumn and Winter and often summertime, certain supplements, like Vitamin D which is better off taking when we reach the winter season as the days are shorter and we can lack this vitamin not being exposed by Vitamin D via the sun.

Skincare and taking vitamins is something that you do need to be taking as advised on the label and not overdosed. All medication including supplements can still harm if taking over the recommended dosage.

If you have kids who don’t eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and are fussy then having them taking a Multivitamin for their age group each day can help and still help their body get the minerals they need.

Boots are doing a 3 for 2 on many supplements at the moment, and if you are pregnant and need medication in the UK, you should have received a free medical card which means you don’t have to pay for any prescriptions. This goes for anyone one under JSA, Income support or are under 16 years of age. However you only get this medical card if you are pregnant. They may just ask for proof.

In anycase, you don’t have to spend a fortune. I have shopped in Holland and Barrett but I find that their prices are often too high and the ones in Boots are a lot better.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X;;;

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My Weekly Fashion Look Book Post

So this is my weekly Fashion look book post and have put a few bits together that could make an outfit including a picture of me in one of my favourite outfits and items of clothing.

Lots of these items are from Amazon, Debenhams, New look and TK Maxx.

I like comfortable outfits and clothing but stylish at the same time. The scarf in the picture of me is from Shein, which is a new retailer I have used, but very impressed with.

These items are great for this time of the year.

Many thanks,

Carrie (L.M) x

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My First Bedtime Chat Video/A Funny Evening

This going to be a regular feature on my channel of doing a regular Bedtime chat and in this one I talk about those who copy and that it was a funny evening and I love watching Youtube and seeing people create new and original content but that some will do anything to making a video not thinking it through.

I do myself film on a whim but I still have in mind a plan of what it will be about first, and make sure it is relevant and true.

Many thanks,

Carrie (L.M) X


Shopping Ideas/Weekly Deals

Learn more

Check this deal on Amazon where you ca get £5 off kids products and receive age-based recommendation for your family and sounds like a great idea. Our kids are in Lockdown and it is good to have games for them to play and so think this is great deal.

See what's new now!
We’ve added 
loads of exciting new pieces since your last purchase

Very do some great deals and I always check their sale items and so worth checking out and they often send you a letter with a discount code each month for your to take advantage of.

Argos are doing a Home Goods Sale and this is for kettles, bedding and a lot of items you need to make being home cozy and your space.

Save on beds and mattresses

JusT Fab are doing a sale where the first item you buy will be £7.95, and do a lot shoes of different sizes and clothes too so check then out. It is always good to take advantage of sales on Coats because they can last a very long time and never go out of fashion.

Beat The Chill

These Boots on Wish are great and do have a pair and saving them for when I begin to do some TV shows, and love them and so check these out.

Retro Women's Leathe...

Boohoo have a Sale – Up to 75% off everything from 20th to 24th January 2021.

Black Tupac Rose Print License Hoodie alternative image
Black Tupac Rose Print License Hoodie alternative image

I will be back with more Shopping ideas post, with more deals.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Meal Ideas! Home Favourites

Hello and welcome! This is my weekly Meal Ideas and I have a video this week to show of the items I bought. See video below.

I wanted some soups for a change as it is food I like to eat this time of the year. Tescos were doing deals on their tin soups, which I do usually buy and love, but fancied fresh soups, but on the Sunday the next morning I became very unwell and so I probably won’t buy these again. I also bought some Pork Medallions and they have been a best buy out of all the shopping I purchased and had those yesterday with some chips I still had in the freezer and got two more already cooked for today.

Buying food to me is something I look forward to and I do applemish my snacks, as my son and I love these, and I am a great believer you should still have items you enjoy aswell as healthy items and still bought quite a bit from Tescos under my weekly budget of £20 a week.

I am a lady who lives her life as a typical Londoner and drinks tea and not afraid of having scrambled eggs on toast or an occasional Fry up. They are home favourites which I love to share on my meal ideas posts, and joy eating everyday. Aunty Joan Sims loved this too being a London girl and I have written a Inspiring Stories post this week about her so go and check this out: https://everyonecanbuildacastle.com/2021/01/18/inspiring-stories-the-wonderful-aunty-joan-sims/

Here is a brunch meal as I am not a lover of having lunch and so this was a rarity but bought some eggs and one morning had the classic scrambled egg which I do in the Microwave and I have included it in a Day In A Life Video so hopefully this did come out, and will add it in on one of these weekly posts, but this is the Classic Double Fried Egg on Toast and it was very much enjoyed and relished, to the fact I might do this again today.

Eggs are a great source of Protein and can really cure you hunger and fulfill you appetitie and will always be a home favourite until the end of my days in this world.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Tea and Biscuits Sunday Afternoon Post

Hello and welcome! Here is my new Tea and Biscuits Sunday Afternoon post that went up on to my Youtube channel yesterday and I talk about what projects are coming up and am really looking forward to it. See video below:

I am working on two new books, which is a comedy called Mum&Me and a new re-written book about my life Living in Peabody, called The Peabody Years, plus the Top Housewife, Vixenvuntrap, The Coach Trip and many more.

I love doing what I do, and I have also been putting together a Life Coaching Programme called “Project 2021” and have more videos on that, and am making more Parenting videos titled “The Truth About Parenting”, so watch this space and I will be making another Tea and Biscuits Sunday Afternoon Post next week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Day In a life merged/Get Ready With me

Hello and welcome! This blogpost that will include my Day In a life that was from last week. I had to merge the footage together of three days in one of what my camera actually filmed but has a Get Ready with me video.

I am not someone who wear’s a lot of make up, and so it was a rarity for you to see me put it on, but wanted to share it as I don’t put on make up like I would say “Normal Folk do” and show that it is up to you how you put it on and wear it.

My days do differ and I don’t do the same thing or write on the same blog site as it depends on what I have scheduled, and I do like to add variety in my days, and weeks.

I like as you saw the end of this video going on a leisurely walk, and came across an article where even Boris Johnson took his dog out, well I assume its a dog they haven’t said if he has a new girlfriend or not.

Take this time to make the most of your surroundings near you and go and get out for a bit, it makes the days not seem too long but breaks it up.

Anyway, see you in another post and my Tea and Biscuits Sunday Afternoon video will be up today aswell, so lets get Monday on to a good start.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Weekly Fashion Look Book/New Top with other New items that can go with it

Hello and welcome! This is my Weekly Fashion Look Book Post, showing a New Top I have and showed how I built it up with other new items in my stash.

The Top is from Very and got it in sale and I love it, and can go with many blazers, cardigans or even a Jean Jacket, which I love to wear. Please see Slide Show below:

The Jacket you see is from Very, scarf from Shein. The leggins you see were from New Look where I tend to buy them from, as I live in my Leggins; Then I am wearing a pair of Platform Navy Blue trainers which are from New Look, black cardigan was a hand me down, and black Knee High Boots from Amazon.

I love clothes that blend into my wardrobe, and I do believe in having a Capsule Wardrobe as it helps the fear of “Not having anything to wear” and it helps mix it up.

The fashion that attracts me is items that I can wear all year round and can wear with other things in my wardrobe, instead of just the one thing.

I posted two videos yesterday. A Haul Video, my first sit down one in ages and of this year, 2021 and a Try on video.

The one thing I hate is dresses for example, having an awkward zip, so it is impossible for you to try and do it up yourself, and so the items I have shown in these videos have none of that, and am excited to have them in my possession. Here they are below:

This time of year it pays to have clothes that you can layer, and having a blazer, cardigan or a shawl can do just that. I love Tailored clothing and so I look for comfortable flattering clothing and easy wearing.

So, that is it for this week and will be back with more next week. See you then.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Meal Ideas Post/A Home Favourite

Hello and welcome! This is my weekly meal ideas post I like to do, and this week it is another Home Favourite, Sausages and chips, plus I bought some good longlasting snacks, including from a takeaway I ordered, Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream.

This was all from Tescos and has lasted me about 10 to 12 days, so brilliant shop, and I am as I write this post having a couple of waffles with some Maple Syrup.

I thought the Twix pack for £2 was a brilliant deal, and will buy these again. I was after watching a Youtube video really wanting some waffles and thought I couldn’t find them but I did, and were £1.40. They are great and you get quite a few waffles within this pack, and the fruit bread has been lovely to have at Breakfast with some money saving Chocolate spread, only costing 80p.

The total shop was £13.00, and so money worth spent.

Next week I am going to see if I can get some lovely soups, as I love these, this time of year and still got plenty of waffles to have for my breakfast, aswell as dessert for another 3-4 days, and a few Bourbon biscuits left and some Twix’s.

I have already put together my next weeks shop on my phone, so see you next week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Day In A Life/Day 8/Easy Sunday

Hey! So thank you for those who have helped me through this day, as I was not well at all on this day.

I want my blogs and videos to be real, and this is my Sunday Day in A Life video Day 8 and with Sundays I do like to take it easy. I do see it as a day of rest.

So enjoy!

I still got some blogs to catch up on, and I will adding more day in a life videos and today as I write this post have a well awaited sit down haul video.

Have a good rest of the week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Best Buys for 2020

Hello and welcome to another blog post. In this blog I am sharing my Best buys for 2020, and I did a Youtube video sharing some items. See link:

So I love a good rucksack, which I can carry around my laptop and writing tools with me, I have bought some great shoes and boots, and think that good footwear is a must especially in the winter, that keep your legs warm but are comfortable at the same time.

I do choose a good knee high length, ankle boot and I have just bought which I will show another time, a new pair of DMs.

You will also see I love notebooks, and journals, and the two I show in the video are two from TK Maxx, who do a brilliant range. I love TK Maxx range of items and these are one of them.

Then I show a room spray from Dunelm as I love these, and Dunelm is one of my favourite shops and great for home goods. Check my last post, Shopping Ideas, where I share some of their products, which may interest you. https://carrieshomestyleandfashion.wordpress.com/2021/01/11/shopping-ideas-good-deals-today-and-this-week-ahead/

So enjoy the video and I will be back with more videos and blogs, and have a good week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Shopping Ideas/Good Deals Today and This week ahead

Hello and good moaning! It is the start of a new week, and I hear “No shit sherlock is it really”, yes and so if you have read my weekly posts on this site you will see that I write a weekly Shopping Ideas post, every Monday.

So today I am going to share some good deals for today and this week ahead.

To start it is a Sale happening on the online store Studio, which I haven’t featured for a while, but they do, do a good range of items at Bargain prices.

Shop all Sale

They have this Dropped Armhole Active Vest top, which looks very flattering for when you want to exercise in style as it around £4.99:

Dropped Armhole Active Vest Top

They also have Christmas wrapping paper that they are trying to get rid off, but is a lovely range. Often this is the best time to get some Christmas items as it can be cheaper at this time of year, than the lead up to the big day.

They also have some Home Decor, such as this Doormat.

They have also which would go well with the Vest Top I showed above, a pair or black ankle boots, and I always invest in a good pair of ankle boots as they seem to last forever, and great for casual wear or to go out in, to see friends.

Low Block Heel Chelsea Boots with Buckle Detail

Check out link as they have further deals on items and so worth checking out:


Avon are offering some deals on Bundles, which I have bought often from them and great value, checkout picture below.

Bestseller Bundle

Check out Wish, they do a lot of really good dresses and other fashion items and is so easy to buy from and are good quality:

Summer, Plus Size, sleeve dress, Necks

Check these dresses priced from £9 and to fit well and easy to wear.

There is this Stunning dress, which would be great for that date night and for going out with your mates, once lockdown ends.

Mini, black, Fashion, Jewelry


Check out Dunelm. This is one of my favourite stores and they sell a lot of household goods, at good prices.

They have a up to 50% on bedding, and I love treating myself to a new Duvet set, as I find it gives the room a new lease of life, and can have fun doing this, by having different sets for each season.

Here are a few Duvet and pillowcase sets, and

Up to 30% off selected Rugs

They are doing up to 30% on Selected Rugs. I do love them, and they can really change up a room. However I find having light rugs can show up dirt a lot, and if you have pets, pet hair on. I would use a good vacuum on the and Febreze Fabric Spray does the trick.

Help & advice

Check out Dunelms Buying Guide on buying rugs, as they do need to maintained and cleaned due to germs and dustmites.

20% off hundreds of Home Decor items

You can get 20% off Home Decor, and I love their photos frames. They do such a range that when I do have a place of my own again, would like to purchase some to create Gallery of some lovely photos, and also to share artwork.

Here is some of their storage items, from bags to storage furniture.

So that is my Shopping Ideas blog for this week, and I will be back with a new post, it will be my Best Buys video of what I bought in 2020, so until then see you, and have a good week ahead.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Sunday Evening Post/Day In A Life Post Day 7/Lockdown 5/ Easy Saturday

Hello and good evening! It is a bit late but I promised to have a Sunday Evening post up, and so please see below my new Day in a Life Video, which was on Saturday, and was a farely easy day.

I will not be not be filming a day in a life tomorrow as it is my day off, to catch up on other work and blogs to be posted, but I will be writing my Shopping Ideas post, along with a Best Buys from 2020 video.

Many thanks for watching and reading, and see you tomorrow,

Carrie (L.M) X


Tea and Biscuits Weekly Sunday Afternoon Post

Here is my Tea and Biscuits Weekly Sunday Afternoon Post. I talk about COVID and that I have found the information given about it, very scatty and not sure what is going on in terms of it, as there seems to be new stories and altering information.

I also talk about my new Project 2021 I am creating and have new books coming out, and so I talk briefly about too. Please see video below:

I will be doing these weekly every Sunday and there is another post going out this evening, which will be my Day in a life video from yesterday and then the one I did today will be up tomorrow.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and see you later.

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Sunday Morning Post/Day In A Life Video/Showing one of my Planners

Hello and Welcome! So it is Sunday morning and I feel completely washed out today, and its taken a lot to get going. I am sure many who read this can nod, because they feel the same.

Image - Life Snooze Button , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

Anyway, whilst I am finding my eyes that feel like they are on the floor, this is my Sunday Morning post, and I will be adding another blog later, which will be my Afternoon Sunday Posts and an evening Sunday post. Sorry that I haven’t put up my Tea and Biscuits video and blog, I am going to include this in today, and would like now to share my New Day In A Life Video I made on Friday and it includes one of my Planners I am using this year, and my routine I have on Friday’s, and here it is:

I find Friday a day to feel relief from the busy week I have had and do things out of the norm, like treat myself to a Take away and watch a bit of TV. This Friday gone I watched the new series of Not Going Out, which was brilliant and also the new series of, Would I lie to you.

Not Going Out - Wikipedia

I then spend the evening writing down my list of what I plan to do at the weekend, and then chill, either by talking to my man I love, listening to music or watch a bit of Youtube.

So Happy Sunday and there will be another blog coming soon, and so enjoy your day.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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New Weekly Look Book

Hello and welcome! So this blog I am sharing my New Weekly Look Book. I am at some point going to do a haul, but I want to show here of items I have purchased and put together.

So I love a jean jacket, and and for me is a staple piece in my wardrobe and have 3 now and would like to get a light pink one too. I like them because there are many different styles. They are great for all year round, but of course layering in the winter with a thick jumper underneath or a thick coat to go on top is a must.

This one was from Very and I often once or twice a year, do a huge shop with them because they collab with high street retailers to help promote their products, such as fashion and you are guaranteed to find a good jean jacket that will style up your wardrobe.

In the photo above I have teamed it up with a top I have had for a while, and was purchased by my mum, from George at ASDA’s and was picked out by my son.

The trousers are from Marks and Spencers, and Bootlet style, and are my style as I am not keen on straight leg trousers or those with a flare at the bottom.

Here is a picture of an outfit I have put together and can’t wait to wear it. It is with a new jumper style dress, which I think always great to have, as they are stylish and keep you warm at the same time, and was also from Very too. Check out the image below:

I don’t think this photo actually does this out fit justice, so when I do wear it I will take a photo, and I would wear these with a new pair of black boots I have, with black tights and for the evening a pair of stilleto court shoes.

Outfits I find to be easier to put together when you have staple items that suit you, and I always make sure I have at least one pair of black trousers at the time and a jumper dress, usually in black for the same reason.

The white of the jacket helps give the dress some colour as I am not a big fan of wearing all black all of the time.

Please let me know what you think. All comments can be left below.

To be kept up to date with my posts then please remember to follow me, and tomorrow I will be sharing a day in a life video, with my Tea and Biscuits Sunday post.

I am doing a Programme this year, which will have life coaching tips and information called Project 2020, please click this highlighted link here for details.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Day In A Life Day 5/Lockdown day 3

Hello and welome! So it is Saturday and I not long got up, the joys of Lockdown and the weekend.

In this post I am sharing my Day In A Life Day 5/Lockdown Day 2, and it is showing some bits I bought from Tescos and what I did that day. Working from home is great, and I try to split up my days, so I don’t get bored or bogged down, which I can easily get.

I love the job I do and I write a blog about writing blogs and books, so if you would like to check this out please visit this link: https://www.bloglovin.com/@carrieholmes40

It is a funny year already with Lockdown and I want to reiterate a message, which if you know of someone who may be on their own at the moment because of social distancing please let them know you care for them, by sending them a message, bringing a cake or just pop round to see if they are okay.

Noone should ever be on their own not seeing anyone as a lot of people can’t go out anyway so just let them know that they are being thought of, and won’t ever be forgotten about.

I have another video to share tomorrow, but for now have a great weekend and hope all is okay with you.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Meal Ideas Lockdown Once Again

Hello and Welcome! I did already try to finish this post but as luck has it, it crashed so looking like I have to rewrite.

So this is my Weekly Meal Ideas post, and this week I did a shop on Saturday, at the beginning of the year, and thankfully, though it is another Lockdown for the UK. Oh dear God, the Supermarkets are still open.

Here is a picture of the items I bought:

I buy items not just for me, but for my son too, and so I bought some Chicken Coujons as they are a favourite, with some frozen oven chips, a loaf of fresh bread, which is the best one from Tesco and was reduced to 79p and lasted up until Tuesday, and will be buying another loaf today. I think with Christmas, skinting us out a lot, we can do with food being under a pound, so when I see reduced items I do buy and can still last for a week or too, depending on what it is. The cost of this shop, which included a bag of hula hoops, £6.64.

This time of year, when it is bitterly I love soups so I am going to buy a few today, as I have bits to add to what I already have, like chips and I do love Marks and Spencers Coleslaw, and is one of the best. I will add this to my next weeks post, and I have some items to show you that I added in my Day In A Life Video Day 5, which will be up tomorrow.

I only bought 2 items. They do a great pack of crumpets for 25p, brilliant and a Baguette for 50p, and bought some Ham, which I did scan but paid for this separately, and was 86p, and the total was: £1.61.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a good meal, and I go on items that is going to last me, but due to Christmas I have had to cut it down, and so is why I am going to do another shop today.

I am tomorrow going to visit the Poundland Shop as I want to stock up on some other items. This will be included in a video once I have done that.

So have a good Thursday and rest of the week.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Day In A Life Video Day 4/First Day Of Lockdown New Year 2021

Hello and welcome to another blog. In this post I am sharing my new Day In A Life Video, which is the 1st day of Lockdown, Tuesday 5th January 2021, and spent part of the day looking after my son, Henry, working on my New Online course, which is a Child Safety/Child Protection course and other things.

I like to each season including summer now, a clean up and that includes my computer and online content, and sorted out my boards on my Pinterest site, and finished a Worksheet to go on my new Online course.

Here is my new Day Life Video below:

Today I filmed my first of this year, Tea and Biscuits sit down video, where I talk about a number of things, and this will be up tomorrow, along with another Day In A Life Video, for Day 5/Second day of Lockdown of January 2021.

I will also do my Weekly Meal Ideas post along with my weekly Fashion Look Book post, and if you have never read a blog on my other sites on wordpress, then please check these out, via the links below:





On one of my sites called, Everyone Can build a castle, I am putting together some Life coaching tools and information, and is called Project 2021, and so if you would like to see the details of this, then please read the blog linked below, about it:

Project 2021

I have dedicated a Pinterest board for this programme and so please check out this link:

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Shopping Ideas- Oh no not more spending

Hello and welcome to my weekly Shopping ideas post I write every Monday, but I hear you cry “Oh no, not more spending?”.

People Wasting Money Clip Art - Royalty Free - GoGraph

Now I am not going to make you potless as what kind of woman would I be? I do not want Christmas everyday, and in fact I like it that it is once a year as I do like having money and save it, rather than seeing it go down the drain and then say to myself “What on earth have I bought?” and “Where has it all gone?”

So I am going to be suttle with this blog as we have just gotten over the Christmas period unmarked, I hope, and now into a new year.

Office Christmas Party Isometric People Cartoon Business People.. Royalty Free  Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 83173090.
Image from: https://www.123rf.com/photo_83173090_stock-vector-office-christmas-party-isometric-people-cartoon-business-people-with-santa-hat-illustration-.html

There are still savings to be made even though we are in January and I have included some offers for this January 2021, that may interest you.

  • Groupon, have a pair of Thermal Snow Ankle Boot for £19.99 and were £39.99. Also if you are wanting to learn something new you can, as they do discounts on, many educational courses, such as, you can do an Online Fiction Writing course now at £19 and was £495, so a huge saving, and a Children’s Story Writing Online course priced at £14 and was £349. Plus some other deals:
Thermal Snow Ankle Boots
  • Now I am also registered with a shopping APP called Wish, and they are doing a deal on the bags sold on their site, and from buying a bag from this site they are good quality and there are loads to choose from.
Europe and The Unite...
  • Etsy has a sale on at the moment up to 60% off, and this time of year there will be a lot of sellers selling planner products and accessories. So it is worth having a look, but be aware, check the delivery charge, as many items are sold from overseas:
  • Very have items to help you get into shape for the new year and self care products.
New ways to help you be you in 2021! Shop Now >
  • Hot Deals, is a great site to register on, as they will send you all the local deals happening and their is a Ninja Foodi Blender and Soup Maker for £99
Deal image
  • You can at Clarks get an extra 20% off from adults shoes and bags
  • Avon, have a January sale up to 50% off over 322 products.
Sale 30

Now, just to put a disclaimer that I am an influencer for many of these sites so I will receive royalities when a purchase is made from them, through my site and if this blog is read after January 2021, then many of the sales above may be expired, so if you want to take advantage of them, now is the time.

I did film a Day In A Life Video yesterday and so if you want to check this out then here is the link and Youtube video below:

I hope you have a good rest of the week, and I will be back filming another Day In A Life video tomorrow and tonight filming my Tea and Biscuits video, and will be published tomorrow for Tuesday afternoon.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Day In A Life Video Day 2 New Years 2021 Changed Domain Name

Hello, hello, hello. Happy Sunday everyone!

So in this post I am sharing my new Day In a Life Video for day 2 of the New Year 2021, and have changed my Domain Name of this site, which you may have noticed.

Here I am going to do my weekly posts, such as Tea and Biscuits, and going to create sit down videos for this, each week, along with writing my Shopping Ideas, Meal Ideas, Haul videos and what items you can get in the new year and weekly Look Book posts.

So please go and check my new Day In a Life video below:

I would like to share this song by a lady called, Bic Runga, who has released a song called Sway and I think it is bloody excellent and one new artist that I will be looking out for, to see what other songs she will be bringing out.

I love finding new artists and songs, and I was so proud of the songs I wrote towards the end of 2020, that I will be writing more.

I have also written my Weekly Newsletter blog, talking about whats to come this year in 2021:


So, I hope you have a great Sunday, and I will see you in a new post tomorrow.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Whats New in 2021

Hello and Welcome! Here is a new blog sharing Whats New in 2021.

So to start I will filming everyday. They will be Day In A Life Videos, with some sit down videos, like hauls, Tea and Biscuit videos, new Mother and Chat videos and lifestyle type of videos.

Please check out my new Day In a Life Of A Writer video:

My New Day In a Life of a writer video

There will be more Look book blogs, shopping ideas and Meal Ideas. I will be writing a monthly newsletter, along with more blogs on google.

So I wish you a Happy New Year, and if you haven’t read my previous posts on this site, then check these out below:

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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My Christmas 2020

Hello and welcome! I wish you all a Happy New Year, and if you did still have a few drinks then I hope your hang over is too bad. Christmas was very different this year, but I suppose many of us can say that. I just hope that those that were on their own were able to contact people they loved some how, and if you can send them a little card through the door to wish them a Happy New year then do.

I thought Her Majesty the Queen’s speech was wonderful, and hand on heart when she writes her speeches, which she does herself, she talks from the heart all of the time and it was her and her sister that addressed everybody when they were children, when they began their speech at Christmas as it was back in 1940 and England were in the middle of a war, and wanted to still address all those on the wireless (radio) and that her and her family, were thinking of us all who had been devasted by the war.

Now we are in the 2000’s she goes on to do the same and if Boris had stopped her from making a speech I think we would all have been very angry, as I especially look forward to her Christmas Speech every year, and I will support the Queen, my family as much as possible.

I spent much of Christmas day working, as I want to use my blogs to reach out to those who may have a neighbour on their own too, and to help show them love. I know COVID is a pandemic, but when you stop social interaction those who live by themselves suffer because of it, and that is unfair. I hope Boris Johnson has a heart to see that.

I want to share the Queen’s speech this year if you did not hear it as she is right, where there were a lot of people who took time out of their normal life, to help pull us through the Lockdown and that even if we didn’t know these people personally that they still were connecting with us and that we were in it together.


I wrote a few blogs for and on Christmas Day and so if you would like to read the ones I shared then please see them below:




I didn’t watch much Christmas TV this year but I think because of COVID that not many programmes did a Christmas special this year. I didn’t even watch Strictly this year, and that is unusual but I just didn’t feel the vibe for it this year, but I am sure this once the lockdown is removed it will be back to having an audience again and programmes can come back fighting.

I would like to share a song that I am listening to now and sums a lot of people of 2020:

I today am filming my first Day In A Life, which I haven’t done in a long time and so if it all comes out well I will put it up, probably tomorrow. I have some printable sheets for you to download and print out, and I have included a blog I wrote yesterday, about Kick Start your Year by developing a new Story of your Life.

I have created a new Life Coaching Tools Worksheet included in the blog linked above, and I have some Planner sheets for you too, to help you plan for each day and if you write a blog or want to create Youtube videos.

I will be making more printables to help you have a productive and chilled out New Years as much as possible.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Weekly Meal Ideas – Post Christmas

Hello and welcome! So we are now in a new week being that Christmas 2020 is over and I bet some of you still have leftovers.

I did go shopping afterwards at the weekend after. I shopped both in Tescos and M&S, because there were items that I couldn’t find in Tescos that I found in M&S and was more cost effective.

I love Early Grey Tea Bags but they are about £3 for a box, but in M&S they are only £1.90, and I like their Coleslaw and they do mini pizzas but on the day I wanted a couple they didn’ t have any so I bought a larger size one and the total shop of that was £5.55.

Before that on the Monday before Christmas day as I would need any meals purchased some snacks. I do find compared to Sainsbury’s and M&S that their price on snacks are better. I have gone into Morrisons but there is a scam going on in there, which I will tell you about in a minute, but yes. I know you should not snack all of the time but I also buy them for my son too. The total for this shop was £7.17.

Then the day I went to M&S as said above I popped into Tescos first to pick up more bits and pieces, but to also buy a ready meal. There is a nice Chicken Korma one they do and a nice loaf of bread which was less than a pound and is great for toasted sandwich, or make French toast whicTh I would love to make one day. This shops cost me £14.31.

Digital Camera

I then picked up some more bits for the week, as my son stayed over lastnight and bought some pasta and Stir on sauces and I made enough to have some today, and so it I just hitting up in the microwave. I love pasta, especially dry Pasta as it lasts a long time and can make several dinners out of it. This shop cost me £8.30.

I got to say since being in a new relationship, I have saved a lot of money. There are those that overshop and buy items that we already have. I shop going on what I have already got and can make meals out of, and so does my new man.

  • I always go through what I already have and then add to it
  • Make a list, going on what I would like to add for my breakfast and dinner
  • Set a budget
  • Go on how many meals I am going to need for the week
  • I find shopping in stores in the week better as yesterday when I got my last bits for the week, the store was empty

The one reminder if you didn’t read my Shopping Ideas post, there will be a lot of clearance sales on certain foods that were not sold at Christmas and that includes tins of chocolates, certain fruits and vegetables and meats.

Please see my recent posts on this site below:

So have a wonderful new year and I will be back on this site sharing some deals for the new year 2021, and so see you then.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Weekly Fashion Look Book – Versitile Clothing

So if you have been reading my posts on this site I like to do a Weekly Fashion Look Book and I like to show some items from my wardrobe that are new and items I have seen on various sites of other items I would like to buy.

I have created a new board for my Fashion Look Book 2021 on my Pinterest site:

I will be adding to this as we head into 2021. I will share what I wore on New years day, but here is a collage of items I have bought this year that may attract your attention too.

Please see my collage of items I have bought this year from Amazon, Newlook, TK Maxx, TU at Sainsbury’s and Very.

I like fashion that I can dress up or down and is versitile and be worn in many season and I love changing my style aswell. I do like to have various coats and jackets and I like to treat myself to new jumpers, a pair of smart trousers, along with skirts and dresses.

Have a Happy New Year!

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Shopping Ideas- Getting Bargains for next year’s Christmas 2021 and for the new year coming

Hello and welcome to another Shopping Ideas post. In this post I am talking about getting bargains for next year’s Christmas 2021 and other sales that will be taking place soon.

Now if you are looking to save a lot of money for Christmas next year then there will be a lots retailer, getting rid of their stock for Christmas this year like Christmas jumpers, party wear, Christmas cards, wrapping paper and crackers not sold. I will be popping to see some stores tomorrow when I walk to Wandsworth to see what is there.

There will be deals on Diaries and Planners for 2021, and on winter coats and jackets.

I miss Debenhams because I would always check their stock on a Sunday and I bought a lot of my work dresses when I worked for a contact centre and would visit the one in Wimbledon and they would have a rack full of items on sale.

So instead of shopping in the week or a Saturday, shop on a Sunday and many shops will have items they are trying to sell stock not sold that week for new stock to come in on a Monday.

I bought my pink jacket I have from last years sale in the Debenhams in Wimbledon and I have a Grey Coat from a sale they did in Dorothy Perkins, in Kingston, two years ago, and still fits and washes well.

I always invest in a good coat and bought this one from Very.co.uk this December and a great bargain.

This coat was on the sale and cost me £75 and should have been £80 and fits perfectly and will keep me nice and warm. I don’t mind spending that extra bit of cash on a coat because I know it will last me for a good amount of years.

Then you have sales on food and drink, as much of the boxes of Mince Pies that stores will still have, that were not purchased will be on sale, along with selection boxes and tins of Roses and biscuits.

Once we head into the new year then there will be January Sales, and then come March it will be the Spring and Summer clothes and goodies.

Oh and yeah, Valentines Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

I change a lot through the Winter and Summer, as in the Winter I will tend to layer up, but in the summer wear easy cool clothing, with shorts, leggins, short sleeved dresses and tops, along with Sandals, ballet pumps or Flip flops.

I also change my food choices too, as many foods will be out of season, while other will be in, such as people would have stocked up on Vegetables for Christmas, so time for some meals to use up the leftovers and then Summer with Fruits such as Strawberries, melons, clementimes, and peaches.

So shop around and grab those bargains.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Tea and Biscuits – New Year and Another Christmas done

Free Father Christmas Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on  Clipart Library

I was going to do a sit down video for this, but I am still feeling very self concious doing so, so I am going to type it up again this week. I still would like to do a Day in a Life video so I going to try and film one tomorrow as I plan to do a long walk tomorrow.

So Christmas is over almost, and still got the new year to come. I don’t know what I will be doing for new years yet, but would like to spend it with my Love Lee if I can.

The new year means time for some new ideas for my blog sites and I have some items that may interest you, some printables to help you get ready for a new year. I will let you know once these are completed and ready for you to use.

It is good to have things to look forward to, and even if their is a further Lockdown you can still have things to do that uplifts you, like having a regular film night, have a self care evening where you have a bath with a soothing bath bomb and shave your legs, arms, etc. Play some music and have a home gathering as I don’t see that there will be Police checking how many people you have in your home, or use the lockdown to do some home workouts.

Free New Year Images, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart  Library

Use the to time at home to give your home a make over, and have a folder of all the things you want to accomplish if you can’t create a vision board. I wrote a blog on my site, which includes a vision board put together on my Pinterest page, See link to blog below:


Set A Plan for 2021

I have meal ideas blog to do and shopping ideas for this week. I want to do an old fashion haul video at some point, and would like to continue to do my Weekly Look Book blog, and I have some images of outfits I love to wear to come.

This time of year when Christmas is done I do feel relieved and glad that another year after all the rushing around is done, and this year was always going to be different with the Coronovirus lingering, and not many shops being opened, but hey, we got through it.

So have a good rest of Sunday and I will be back with another post on this site tomorrow, which will be my Weekly Shopping ideas post.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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Christmas Look Book

So I have been posting a lot of blogs about fashion, as I do love it and the one thing I have been sharing lot of, is clothes I have purchased recently from various retailers and doing a weekly Look Book and wanted to share what I wore on Christmas day.

The Top on the left is from Sainsbury’s Tu range. Leggins and sketcher trainers from Amazon, coat from Very and red cardigan from Primark.

I love making an effort at Christmas and these clothes and accessories together was such a great outfit that I can wear it for the summer too aswell as the festive season. I like to have seasonal clothes but ones that are versitile too and can be worn all year round.

For Cardigans and tops I like to look at Amazon, TK Maxx, Primark, Tu Sainsbury’s and New Look.

In my next blog post on fashion I am going to share some more outfits and clothes I like to wear, and my best buys for 2020.

I am also going to write my Tea and Biscuits post on this site too, so keep watching and have a wonderful rest of the day.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

Meal Ideas/Favourite Snacks

Hello and welcome! It is another Meal Ideas post talking about my Favourite Snacks as I have a Grocery Haul video of snacks I bought. These were a Pound or under, and I love having biscuits and some choccolate. I even got a packet of Brioche Buns, for a quid and great for breakfasts and when I have my midnight feed.

See video below:

My son when he visits love these too, and I didn’t buy a meal type food, because I have due to move back into London and so being limited with my weekly shop, and will buy more once I have settled in my new place.

Shortbread is a childhood favourite and the one thing I am going to buy when I move is a biscuit tin likemy nan used to have, with these types if biscuits. I do like to treat myself to some luxury foxes biscuits, whch you can see and for the price, one word, QUALITY.

So the total shop was £5.95, so I have just over £14 left of this weeks budget to spare.

I love to have these bits on hand to satisfy my sweet and chocolate daily crush.

Many thanks for watching,

Carrie L.M X

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